• Preventative dentistry –  We consider this to be the most important and valuable service we can provide for our patient.  “Prevention is better than cure” is our philosophy.  We believe that this is the most pain free and cost effective option for a patient long term if the are dedicated to caring for there teeth for life. Our staff strives to deliver patients with all the answers to their questions concerning ongoing care of there teeth and gums

Gum disease
Teeth Cleaning
Mouth Guards

  • Oral surgery – extractions of teeth where appropriate

Wisdom Teeth

  • Restorative dentistry – Diagnosis and removal of dental decay before they infect your teeth.  A suitable filling will then be used to replace the lost tooth structure

Amalgam Fillings
Dental Caries

  • Root canals – The treatment of a tooth that is infected with decay causing bacteria to relieve pain

Root Canal Therapy
Dental Emergency

  • Cosmetic dentistry – what does you smile say about you.  A range of procedures can be used to revitalise your teeth that once where white and radiant.  Or just get that smile that you always wanted.  Remember we have an on site ceramist.  This is very unique to our clinic.  Very few dental clinics in Brisbane have a ceramist working on site to create your custom cosmetic crown and bridge work.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dental implants – a great alternative to old dentures or plates that are often ill fitting.

Dental Implants

  • Invisalign – have you ever considered having braces are clear and that you can take in and out to clean yourself.  These are a great alternative to traditional braces


  • Dentures – used to replace missing teeth.


  • Crown and bridge – a popular restoration used to cover the entire tooth and restore esthetics and function to old broken down teeth.

Crown and Bridgework

  • Teeth whitening – available are in office treatments and take home trays.

Tooth Whitening